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Law Student Recruiting

Law Student Recruiting

We don’t hire associates, we hire future partners

We hire attorneys who don’t simply see the future, but shape it. Who expect great things of themselves, and foster greatness in others.

We’ve assembled what we consider to be the finest team of IP attorneys in the world. And we’re passionate about keeping and growing that team. Organically. Internally. Through paths as diverse as the people who pursue them.

That’s why we seek attorneys who welcome challenges and the opportunities those challenges create. People whose talent, motivation, energy and creativity are on display every day (along with a smile).

So why should you want to be part of our team?

We don’t churn and burn. We don’t hire more summer associates than the number of full-time associate offers we expect to extend. Likewise, we don’t hire more associates than we expect to eventually make partner. And there’s no limit to how many associates are admitted to the partnership each year. Bottom line: we don’t want you looking over your shoulder. We want you looking ahead to your future.

You grow, we grow. There’s a reason we’re one of the largest IP law firms in America. People stay here. They flourish and succeed thanks to our unmatched training, mentorship and continuing education programs. It’s really a pretty simple formula. The better you get, the better we all get. The better we all get, the better our clients get. Which gets right back to you.

The freedom to be your best. We have only one thing to say to attorneys who want to broaden their practices: Go for it. New associates are encouraged to work on a variety of projects, and are provided with the flexibility to try their hand at litigation and/or prosecution and client practice. As our attorneys progress, we bring out their best by giving them more challenging tasks and responsibilities. That means you’ll be able to work on many cases in many areas with people whose doors—and minds—are always open.

Your life is not a timesheet. Around here you get rewarded for working smarter, not longer. We don’t keep track of who was last to leave the office. We applaud our attorneys for producing quality work, for pitching in when help is needed, and for keeping their clients happy. If the court or a client demands we work into the night, we’ll gladly do it – in the spirit of excellent client service.


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Learn how our attorneys feel about our firm...

Jared Bunker, Partner, 10 years
"Coming out of law school, I knew I wanted work in intellectual property, but didn't know which specific field. Knobbe Martens turned out to be the perfect place for me. From day one, I was able to work on stimulating and meaningful client practice and litigation projects. And over time, I was readily able to tailor my practice to fit my preferences."

Salima Merani, Partner, 16 years
"Knobbe Martens is what I like to call a "client-centric" firm. Everything we do - from our collaborative corporate culture to our unique partnership structure - puts clients first. We have a passion for IP law.

I have never had a dull day at Knobbe Martens. Each day is exciting and new - in the morning, I can file a patent application on a designer handbag, and in the afternoon, I'll develop IP strategy with a world-renowned cardiologist who regenerates heart tissue...never a dull day.

I really appreciate the ability to use my doctorate in Neuroscience every day. Whether I am working on IP strategy to develop spinal implants to help back pain or devices that remove deadly clots from the brain, each day allows me to combine law and technology in a way that makes me think "Wow, I love my job".

With over 260 attorneys with scientific or engineering degrees, Knobbe Martens is uniquely suited to offer expertise in all technological areas. That is not only a profound benefit for our clients, but also makes for a great working environment....where else can you chat around the water cooler with a nuclear physicist, an orthopedic surgeon, and an aerospace engineer?

While I was a law student at Berkeley, I did a summer internship at Knobbe Martens. I have been here ever since, and the thought of working anywhere else has never crossed my mind. The collaborative firm culture, the astounding intelligence of my peers, and the cutting-edge technology developed by our incredible clients make Knobbe Martens the best law firm in the country. 

Why do I love working at Knobbe Martens? Well, here's my typical Monday:

8:30 am - Call with counsel in Europe to discuss strategy for potential patent litigation
10:30 am - Meet with world-renowned cardiologist who regenerates heart tissue
12:00 pm - Attend one of many educational lunches offered by the firm
2:00 pm - Work on pro bono project for nonprofit company focused on cancer research
4:00 pm - File patent application on devices that remove deadly clots from the brain
5:00 pm - Work on design patent application for designer handbags
6:30 pm - Dinner with fellow lawyers from firm - a nuclear physicist, an orthopedic surgeon, and an aerospace engineer

....Need I say more?"

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