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From the day our firm was founded, we have been committed to creating and fostering a dynamic, diverse workplace. It’s a commitment that has yielded real and meaningful results. Today we are ranked 11th most racially diverse group of attorneys among more than 300 law firms surveyed and among the top 50 best law firms for the diversity of its partnership.  We are also number one for best law firms for Asian-American attorneys in the U.S.—a unique record among law firms our size. 

We promote diversity through active outreach and recruitment, as well as through internal programs that ensure the needs and goals of all our diverse employees are recognized and valued. Our Diversity Committee includes members from a broad spectrum of attorneys reflective of our diverse workforce. Our attorneys have diverse cultural and religious backgrounds and combined, speak over 23 foreign languages from Portuguese to Punjabi.

The Diversity Committee is tasked with implementing programs that create a wide range of professional opportunities, while maintaining the work/life balance we find essential to building an energized, well-rounded firm.

A realistic, annual billing quota means our attorneys and staff have time to devote to their families or other personal interests—without impacting their career goals. Indeed, we promote female attorneys to equity partnership at a much higher rate than other large firms. And we ensure the needs of our minority employees are met as well, through comprehensive networking and training.

Our commitment to diversity is at the very core of our firm—making us open to new ideas, eager to take on new challenges, and always ready with new solutions.

No Glass Ceiling to Equity Partnership

  • Percentage of female equity partners (18%) corresponds closely to percentage of female associates, which exceeds the industry average
  • Percentage of female associates (29%) exceeds percentage of engineering bachelor degrees awarded to women (18%)

Unique Culture and Programs That Promote Diversity

  • Reasonable annual quota (1,750 hours per year)
  • Quota credit (at least 15 days per year) available to assist in meeting quota
  • Single-tierd (equity) partnership
  • Associates have significant client contact and responsibility
  • Reduced Quota Program for Associates
  • Reduced Quota Program for Partners
  • Paid maternity leave with return-to-work transition period for associates and partners

Diversity in Action

  • Two offices managed by a female or minority attorney
  • Five out of twelve committees chaired by a female or minority attorney
  • Female and minority attorneys have major roles in litigation and at trial


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